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- 2000 Schedule -

The following is the film/video schedule for the year 2000,the final year of Sid Limitz' AMERICAN PHENOMENON 1975-2000

FEB 10 - Harvard Square - Cambridge,MA the annual "woman of the year" began its parade tradition in 1973 when HASTY PUDDING honored LIZA MINNELLI. This year's honoree will be Jamie Leigh Curtis. Past recipients have included Bette Midler,Cher,Whoopi Goldberg and Goldie Hawn.

MARCH 9 - Sid Limitz will venture south to the "big easy" to shoot the "parade of parades" MARDI GRAS. This surreal and colorful event will be a visual standout among past parade documentation-Macy's,The Hollywood Christmas Parade,Stonewall 25,and The Mummers in Philadelphia.

MAY 20- NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS -The fifth and final installment by SL of the premier IFBB PRO Bodybuilding Event, Beacon Theatre NYC.

JUNE 4- THE TONY AWARDS and Rosie O'Donnell return to Radio City Music Hall to award excellence in theater for the 1999-2000 Broadway Season.

SUMMER 2000- Sid Limitz will document the search for a new president for the 21st Century by filming both the Democratic and Republican Conventions.

FALL 2000- The Openings of The Boston and New York Film Festival

It's back to Las Vegas to complete the VEGAS chapter as well as the muscle sequence in the Superbowl of Bodybuilding The 2000 Mr Olympia to be held at MANDALAY BAY RESORT.

OCT 31- The annual Halloween Greenwich Village Parade/Pageant. NYC

NOV 26 - SID LIMITZ returns to Hollywood for the first time since 1989 to cover the glorious and glamorous HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS PARADE 2000

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